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Nice Tomato: One For One Subscription Coloring Book Service Helps Children’s Hospitals

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Nice Tomato: One For One Subscription Coloring Book Service Helps Children’s Hospitals


Nice Tomato is a new Seattle-based company dedicated to spreading the love of color, creativity and kindness with its monthly subscription service. Nice Tomato was co-founded by Joe and Amanda Linton after years of struggling to find original, non-branded coloring book options for their young daughters. Nice Tomato is the result – a subscription service that provides inventive Color Folios to children, while concurrently supporting U.S. children’s hospitals.
Nice Tomato provides consumers one Color Folio, coupled with markers or crayons, in the mail each month. In addition, the company established the philanthropic ‘Spread the Color’ initiative, giving consumers the ability to donate an additional Color Folio to a partnering children’s hospital.
From a design standpoint, Nice Tomato’s Color Folios are geared towards families who want original content for their kids. “We think there is a niche for a new type of coloring book for parents who want something special and varied,” states co-founder, Joe Linton. The books are new each month and consist of whimsical, hand-drawn characters, shapes, letters and phrases to captivate kids (and maybe even adults). Illustrator and co-founder, Amanda Linton crafts clever compositions, inviting children to be inventive and engaged on every page. Amanda states, “Nice Tomato is a combination of all the things I love most in the world: my husband, my cherry berry gumdrop cheeked daughters, markers, crayons, paper and letting my imagination run free and wild.”
Nice Tomato currently has 4 hospitals in their donation network: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Dayton Children’s, Seattle Children’s and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Partnering hospitals can help support Nice Tomato’s mission by raising awareness within their communities and local networks.
The average children’s hospital goes through approximately 10,000 coloring books each year, leaving hospitals to face the challenge of supplying young patients with books and art supplies.Nice Tomato’s ‘Spread the Color’ campaign aims to increase the supply of books donated to children’s hospitals each month, benefiting youthful patients suffering from illnesses, patients’ families, and the hospital as a whole.
For the latest news, updates and releases from Nice Tomato join the conversation by following Nice Tomato on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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