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Mo’Ne Davis Raises Funds For Nepal And Consults For Disney On The Direction Of Her Bio-Pic

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Mo’Ne Davis Raises Funds For Nepal And Consults For Disney On The Direction Of Her Bio-Pic

Mo'Ne Davis shot by Charlotte Wales for Teen Vogue

Mo’Ne Davis

Mo’ne is not only a topnotch athlete in three different sports (baseball, basketball, and soccer) but she is an exemplary student and someone who will remind our audiences that they can do anything with hard work, dedication, and belief in themselves – Naketha Mattocks, Disney Channel original movies VP

When news broke mid-March that Disney would begin production of a movie based on the life of 13 year old little league phenom Mo’Ne Davis, most of the world cheered. Negative press, in the form of nonconstructive criticism from a now former college athlete, positioned Davis to the level of media darling as she reached out to the student’s university, pleading that he be allowed to return to his position on the team that he was dropped from as a result of inappropriate insults hurled her way. Davis also served as a catalyst for what became a nationwide conversation on how we view and label women, in this country as well as others.
There hasn’t been much news on Davis or the film in the past couple of months, but here is what we do know. The film’s working title is “Throw Like Mo“, a clever play on “throw like a girl”, traditionally used as an insult for the un-athletic but contemporarily used and redefined in body and gender positive messages like this this Chevrolet ad  featuring Mo’Ne in the flesh.

As well as this advertisement from Always that screened during the 2015 Super Bowl..

Chevy later partnered with director Spike Lee for this short documentary on the young athlete.

Sheldon Candis, creator of the 2012 Official Sundance Selection film LUV, as well as Justin Wilson will be writing the dialogue and action that will bring this inspiring true story of triumph in youth to the screen, and ESPNw, the female sports oriented division of ESPN will be consulting alongside Davis herself.
In addition to her homespun backstory, there are, of course, glorious firsts to be portrayed in the film. Such as Mo’ne making history as the first female to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series (literally shutting out the opposing team from making any runs) and her appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated when named SportsKid of the Year for 2014, another historic first not just for a girl but for any little league player
Davis, who is currently endorsing a line of sneakers that will go to benefit impoverished Nepalese girls produced through a partnership with the non-profits Made, PETA, and Because I Am A Girl  has been quoted as saying that she hopes the film will “encourage other viewers to believe that dreams really do come true.” We here at Miss A are sure that it will.

Mo’Ne Davis autographing shoes to benefit Plan International U.S.A’s Nepal relief efforts (Photo Source: M4d3.com)


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