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Cards Against Humanity Launch Science Pack to Support Women in STEM


Cards Against Humanity Launch Science Pack to Support Women in STEM


Today in America women make up only 12 percent of engineers and 26 percent of the computing field and despite Obama’s commitment to diversify the fields of STEM, stories of girls being encouraged to diverge away from STEM related fields are still frequent occurrences. Cards Against Humanity, a game known as the Apples to Apples for terrible people, recently released a Science Pack to try and change this issue.

Written in collaboration with Bad Astronomer Phil Plait and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal creator Zach Weinersmith, the $10 Science Pack consists of 30 science related cards. All proceeds from Science Pack sales will go to the Cards Against Humanity and SMBC Science Ambassador Scholarship which provides full university tuition coverage to women pursuing undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each application will be reviewed by a panel of more than 40 extremely qualified female STEM professionals working at sites such as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Harvard Medical School and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
According to Veronica Berns, PhD, and a scholarship board member, “so often girls are told in both overt and subtle ways that they aren’t able to be good at math and science. With this scholarship, I’m excited to get to tell a passionate girl out there, ‘Yes! What you are doing and dreaming is really great, and here’s some help to get you where you want to go.’”
The Science Pack scholarship initiative follows on the heels of past Cards Against Humanity fundraising endeavors, which have raised funds for the Wikimedia Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation and DonorsChoose.org, where the game was able to fund more than 12,500 teacher projects in under served classrooms around the United States.
To be notified when the Fall 2016 application goes live, please click here.


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