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Business Spotlight: LiveGoode


Business Spotlight: LiveGoode

Andrea Yoder Clark

Andrea Yoder Clark (Photo Credit: LiveGoode)

Business or Brand Name: LiveGoode

Website: www.livegoode.com

Twitter Handle: @livegoode

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/livegoode

Instagram: https://instagram.com/livegoode (@livegoode)

Could you describe your business or brand?

We are a data analytics company with a mobile app for tracking and sharing how you give back! We help people and organizations use data to be more effective at doing good in the world.

Where is the business or brand based?

San Diego


(Photo Credit: LiveGoode)

What sets the business or brand apart?

We have created a mobile app that allows employees to engage with each other and create a culture of giving within their organizations. The app calculates total company volunteer hours by employee and cause sector.  This reduces the time needed to calculate giving data by hand, increases the number of employees who remember to log their hours, provides a quick and easy link to outside social media channels, and provides one place for employees to go to find out who is giving back, in what ways and when within their organization.

We also offer customized data reports to supplement the in-app data collected.  Our reports are results-oriented, and designed to facilitate better corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies that are specific to each organization’s needs.

We look at the whole picture and see how data findings can be used to improve everything from program operations to organizational culture and even marketing strategy.

We are female-founded tech company and proud of it!


(Photo Credit: LiveGoode)

When and who founded the business or brand?

Andrea Yoder Clark founded LiveGoode in 2014

What achievements is the business or brand most proud of?

A recent invitation to showcase LiveGoode at the Sustainable Brands conference held in San Diego on June 1st by CEO Koann Vikoren.

Which nonprofits does the business or brand support?

The recent pilot of our CSR app with our for-profit client base has included both illumina and Vistage International.

Some of our Non-Profit clients include:

-Just In Time for Foster Youth

-The Monarch School

-The Honor Foundation

-Elementary Institute of Science

-San Diego Social Venture Partners

We partner with the San Diego Regional Data Library to put on Data Hack-A-Thons that challenge teams of volunteer data scientists to use data to help nonprofits solve social sector challenges. Many nonprofit organizations go on to work with winning teams on a pro-bono basis following a Hack-A-Thon.

What cause marketing products or services does the business or brand sell?

Mobile app subscriptions for companies with 30 or more employees using the app and our social impact reporting services.

What percentage of revenue received goes toward helping others?

Last year, 12% of revenue went toward helping other organizations, many of whom we supported with our services (San Diego Social Venture Partners, The Monarch School and The Forum for the Regional Association of Grantmakers)


(Photo Credit: LiveGoode)

What annual fundraising events do you participate in?

We participated in the Monarch School Open House, San Diego Social Venture Partners events and others.

How can people get involved with your business or brand in giving back?

Anyone can start making giving a way of life and sharing the good they do by downloading the LiveGoode app for free. It’s a fun, Instagram-like tool that empowers volunteers to share about their experiences while documenting their impact. It can be found at www.livegoode.com or by searching on the App Store. Kindness is contagious, so spread the word! Let’s collectively make a positive impact on the world.



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