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Business Profile: Tab For A Cause

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Business Profile: Tab For A Cause


Tab for a Cause is a tech startup that turns every new tab page into money for charity. This fast growing startup has already donated over $120,000 to nonprofits such as Water.org, Action Against Hunger, and Conservation International.  This amazing Google extension allows folks to give back every time they use the internet.

Business or Brand Name: Tab for a Cause

Website: TabForaCause.org

Twitter Handle: @tabforacause

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TabForACause


Could you describe your business or brand? Tab for a Cause is a web extension that lets people earn money for their favorite charities with every new tab page.

Where is the business or brand based? Palo Alto, CA

What sets the business or brand apart? We empower people to donate to charities that are meaningful to them simply by doing what they already do, hundreds of times per day.

When and who founded the business or brand? The company was founded In 2013 by Alex Groth and Kevin Jennison.

What achievements is the business or brand most proud of? This January, we reached $100,000 donated to charity through new tab pages. We were also able to provide $10k to victims of the Nepal earthquake in a matter of days, as our users rallied together to earn 10 million hearts (our internal currency) in support of our Nepal campaign.

Which nonprofits does the business or brand support? Currently we support Water.org, Save the Children, Conservation International, Room to Read, The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, Educate!, Human Rights Watch, and Action Against Hunger

How do these causes relate to the business or brand? We empower our users to donate to the charities that are most important to them. It is our sole mission.

What cause marketing products or services does the business or brand sell? We do not sell any services. We simply allow our users to earn money for charity via a small ad at the bottom of their new tab page.

What percentage of revenue received goes toward helping others? We commit to donating at least 50% of our total revenue to charity, and frequently it is a good deal more than that.

What annual fundraising events do you participate in? Last year we participated in the Project for Awesome, as well as a few other small campaigns.

How can people get involved with your business or brand in giving back? By downloading the extension! Then they will start earning money every time they open a new tab! Simple as that!




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