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Iron Man Star, Robert Downey Jr. Gives Young Boy A Bionic Arm

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Iron Man Star, Robert Downey Jr. Gives Young Boy A Bionic Arm


Robert Downey Jr. of the Iron Man franchise, or simply “Robert” as he is known by 6 year old fan Alex, took part in something amazing last week! With the help of Albert Manero, a University of Central Florida student who crafts bionic limbs for children across the globe using 3-D printing technology, he presented young Alex with a working, Iron Man inspired bionic arm.
Microsoft’s initiative the #CollectiveProject spotlights university students working to improve the world by servicing others, and they’ve teamed up with Manero and his foundation Limbitless-Solutions, which has also provided a bionic arm to a seven year old girl without a left forearm. The arm created for Alex, who was born with a right arm which is not fully developed, costs less than $350 in materials, potentially making it an absolute game changer in a world where similar prosthetic limbs can cost as much as $40,000. Alex received the arm at no cost to his family.

Robert & Alex bump bionic fists. (Photo Source: Robert Downey Jr./Facebook)

From the moment he meets Robert Downey Jr., Alex appears un-phased, but but well mannered and pretty dapper in an adorable red bow-tie! There’s a moment where you wonder if he even knows who the star is, but after being asked about just that, Alex replies “Iron Man”, and then simply Robert, to the delight of everyone in the room.
Downey Jr. seems to be a natural when it comes to making dreams come true while coming across as a normal nice guy. Perhaps because he’s done it before? Currently, Robert Downey Jr. has teamed up with Omaze, to benefit Julia’s House, a children’s hospice that takes an approach of nurturing the entire family including parents and siblings of children with diseases that stand to decrease the length and/or quality of their lives.
Check out this adorably heart warming video of Robert Downey Jr. presenting Alex with his new Iron Man arm while comparing it to his own, and then see him surprise young fans having an Iron Man costume contest at Comic-Con 2012.


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