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Charity Meets: Robert E. Blackmon, Author Of The Gay Groom’s Guide


Charity Meets: Robert E. Blackmon, Author Of The Gay Groom’s Guide

There are wedding guides dedicated to helping straight couple’s plan their big day, but nothing ever for gay grooms… until now! Thanks to Canadian author Robert E. Blackmon and his new best-selling guide, The Gay Groom’s Guide, same-sex couples can now gain some useful insight into planning their own gay wedding!
The book, which is in partnership with Marriage Equality USA (to help raise the awareness of equality globally) and has gained celebrity fans such as Lance Bass, Carolyn Hennesy, Judy Tenuta and Kate Linder, was written & designed to help answer some of the basic and difficult questions during the wedding process, taken from Robert’s own gay wedding experience to his longtime partner Martin.The book has also been a hot item at recent pride festivals and equality events across the USA and Canada.
Keep reading and check out the below Q&A with Robert E. Blackmon!
Twitter: @GayGroomRobert
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Gay-Grooms-Guide-to-Planning-Your-Perfect-Wedding/721618507884911 
Why is giving back is important to you? It’s always been a part of who I am. I believe that everything given in life is received (good or bad).
How has giving back helped you? Giving back has made me realize how much I have. I don’t necessarily mean financially or physically. The love of family and friends, support and understanding I have in abundance. Giving back helps me remember those important gifts.

How do you incorporate giving back into your life? At this point in my life giving back has become second nature. It’s not like I really think about it. For instance I LOVE shoes and clothes. My closet bustle to the brim. A few times a year I purge my closets and donate items. I can’t only wear one pair of pants or shoes at a time. Many things are new or nearly new. I know that someone in need will benefit from my good fortune.
Which charities are near and dear to you and why? For years I had a list of charities that I faithfully donated to. But with the global reach of the internet, I’m discovering tons of very small charities that get little to no press or attention. But I will always have a passion for gay youth, men’s health and cancer charities. I believe these get the least attention.
Favorite food: St. Louis Style Barbecue Ribs
Favorite cocktail: Grey Goose Martini, shaken/up with a twist – no vermouth
Favorite restaurant: Bandera West LA/Scottsdale/Chicago
If you could host a dinner party, who would you invite living or dead? I assume you mean mostly famous people. So I would say Flip Wilson would probably be my guest of honor because I think he was genius. I’d have Lena Horne, Celia Cruz (I’d just want to see what she showed up wearing!) President Bill Clinton and Robbie Williams. There are many others, but I’m making this an intimate party 😉
Favorite vacation spot: Madrid/Toledo, Spain or Florence, ItalyFavorite TV show: One Life to Live
Favorite movie: Mildred Pierce
Favorite song: It’s impossible to choose a favorite song.
Favorite book: The Catcher in the Rye
Favorite apps: All of my NHL and Tennis apps
iPhone or Android: iPhone
Favorite workout routine: I have two “Jane Fonda Workout” and my treadmill.
Where do you get your news? I am a news junkie. I get it anywhere I can. Local, National, Cable, print, my phone, laptop. I love knowing what’s going on in the world.
What experience in your career are you most proud of? I’m most proud of the completion of my first book, “The Gay Groom’s Guide To Planning Your Perfect Wedding”. I’ve been published internationally for 20 years and done many fascinating things in my career, but so far this has been what has given me the most pride.
What advice would you share with those still in school and trying to figure out their futures? Have ambition and set goals. But enjoy your life while time is on your side.  Follow your heart. If one thing doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world. The only way you are going to find your passion is to explore.
What one thing would you change in this world if you could? Every American child would get the opportunity at least once to travel to a foreign country. When people see first had how someone else lives only then can they make an informed decision about other cultures. Our world would function much better.

In 2008, I launched AskMissA.com which grew from my personal blog into a site with 700 writers, covering the intersection of charity & lifestyle in 20 U.S. cities. With Charity + Life, I am going back to a personal blog where I can share my favorite things, and continue to shine a light on nonprofits, and cause marketing campaigns to inspire others to give as they live.

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