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Beauty Inside And Out: Sharon Stone

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Beauty Inside And Out: Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone in action at an amfAR auction. (Photo Credit www.timeslive.co.za)

Sharon Stone in action at an amfAR auction. (Photo Credit www.timeslive.co.za)

In 1995, on National AIDS Day, Sharon Stone announced that she was taking on the role of Chairman for amfAR, the international foundation for AIDS research. Little did the Oscar nominated actress know that this was the catalyst for her greatest success story. As the three year term drew to a close, Stone couldn’t let go. She vowed she would remain in the role until a successful cure and safe vaccine is found and from one simple, selfless decision – an activist star was born. Since then she has been an incredible advocate for  amfAR and has hosted countless benefits and hugely successful charity auctions.  This year, the 21st annual amfAR Cinema Against Aids Gala took place at Cannes Film Festival on May 21. The event raised an staggering $35 million, $10 million up from last year.
Sharon Stone, Actor come Activist (Photo Credit www.usatoday.com) - See more at: https://charityandlife.com/?p=271506&preview=true&preview_id=271506&preview_nonce=db71c01269#sthash.xGaBhzYn.dpuf

Sharon Stone, Actor come Activist (Photo Credit www.usatoday.com)

With her winning combination of A-List fame and a devilishly outspoken nature, Stone is the perfect spokesperson for this emotive cause. She’s a captivating auctioneer and she is definitely not one to shy away from raising controversial issues such as sex education and contraception for children. In fact, one of her main concerns is the rising infection rate among adolescents and young people. The reason for Stone’s passion towards this cause stems from personal and the tragic death of her close friend and acting coach, Roy London. The dedication that Stone has showed over the past two decades have made an incredibly humbling difference to the future of aids suffers, as well as the 35-milion people worldwide currently suffering with the disease.
Many celebrities have fallen under Stone’s spell at the amfAR auctions over the years. She has convinced Calvin Klein to drop his pants for $5,000, George Clooney to auction a kiss for $350,000 and she even managed to pull off an impromptu performance with Elton John and Ringo Starr while she was the backing dancer, pulling in an impressive 2 million with their ‘Great Balls of Fire’ performance. Such a presence on stage is a rare find, and a particularly useful one to have when persuading the rich and famous to part with their hard earned cash. Stone has now become completely synonymous with her work for amfAR, even a simple Google search of her name will second guesses you are looking for “Sharon Stone activist,” rather than “Sharon Stone actress.”
amfAR plans to invest a further $100 million into cure research over the next six years. Check out their Countdown To A Cure For AIDS video for more information. In the words of amfAR “This is the moon shot of our generation. We create the future by achieving the impossible.”
Stone’s philanthropic nature does not stop with her work for AIDS awareness. She is also an avid advocate for Lupus LA and has hosted hugely successful auctions for this cause which have raised $250,000. To add yet another impressive accolade to her charitable success stories, Stone co-wrote the charity single, “Come Together Now” after the tsunami disaster in 2004. She then made the song available to download after Hurricane Katrina in the hopes of raising proceeds for the two global disasters. The proceeds from the sale of the song went to both Habitat For Humanity and Angels’ Place. Come back next time to find out who else is showing off her beauty, inside and out!
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The Unstoppable Fundraising Force That is Sharon Stone (Photo Credit http://www.haaretz.com)

Definitely Not A Heart of Stone (Photo Credit www.ynetnews.com)

Definitely Not A Heart of Stone (Photo Credit www.ynetnews.com)

As Beautiful As She Is Charitable - Stone at This Year's Cannes Film Festival (Photo Credit www.ndtv.com)

As Beautiful As She Is Charitable – Stone at This Year’s Cannes Film Festival (Photo Credit www.ndtv.com)



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