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Going To Bat Against Breast Cancer: Major League Baseball To Recognize 30 Honorary Bat Girls On Mother's Day


Going To Bat Against Breast Cancer: Major League Baseball To Recognize 30 Honorary Bat Girls On Mother's Day

(Photo Credit: www,examiner.com)

(Photo Credit: www,examiner.com)

Mother’s Day, the day each proud mom can kick off her shoes, and bask in the love of her adoring and appreciative family members as they cook and clean on her behalf. Ok, perhaps not all moms are getting a spring cleaning from their children, but nonetheless, it is a day often spent in recognition of the special women in your life. Most will recognize their mums by telling her they love her, taking her to brunch or gifting her with a bouquet of flowers; but the Major League Baseball family has taken recognition to a whole new level. On Mother’s Day this year, the MLB will select 30 Honorary Bat Girls, to coincide with the 30 clubs in the league to represent the face of courage as breast cancer survivors.
Not only did the fans get to nominate and vote on the winners but some extra star-power was added to the panel, by announcing the addition of guest judges: Evan Longoria of the Rays, Freddie Freeman of the Braves, Pablo Sandoval of the Giants, country music superstar Jason Aldean and MLB Network host Sam Ryan to help with the selection process. Each judge holds a special place in their hearts for the cause, having either lost a loved one to the disease or fought with those closest to them to beat the cancer.
As an advocate for fighting cancer, Longoria has showed his support by his involvement in cancer research through the Moffitt Center in Tampa, Florida. “There is not one adult person who hasn’t been affected in some way by this disease,” said Longoria. “I want to be a part, in some small way, of the search for a cure to all forms of cancer. I am honored to be a part of this group.”
(Photo Credit: www.angelswinblog.blogspot.com)

(Photo Credit: www.angelswinblog.blogspot.com)

After losing his mother to cancer, Freeman can attest firsthand to the strength and support it takes to fight this disease. “From personal experience, I know how much strength it takes for someone to fight cancer. I’m excited to participate in this campaign to recognize a number of those inspiring individuals across the country and provide a platform for their stories.”
A pre-game ceremony will take place recognizing one Honorary Bat Girl per club during the MLB’s 6th Annual Mother’s Day National Day of Recognition. The title will also include pink merchandise and two tickets to the game. For the bat girls whose teams are playing away this Mother’s Day, you haven’t been forgotten! They will recognize their Honorary Bat Girl at a later game in the month of May, 2014. As if honoring the beloved women in their lives weren’t enough on Mother’s Day, the MLB is literally batting against cancer as they swing away leaving behind streaks of pink. That’s right their bats are pink! You too can own a pink personalized bat while supporting the cause as $10 of each sale will benefit the MLB charities supporting the cause.
As a disease that is expected to be diagnosed among 1 in 8 women in their lifetime, it is imperative to raise awareness on breast cancer. The Honorary Bat Girl Campaign does just that by supporting the Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer initiative celebrated each Mother’s Day. Walking hand-in-hand with its charitable partners, Stand Up 2 Cancer and Susan G. Komen, the movement serves to enhance awareness while raising funds for breast cancer research.
This Mother’s Day let your mom indulge in a springtime ballgame; of course this is after you give her house a springtime cleaning!
WHEN: Sunday, May 11, 2014
WHERE: Please review the schedule for a game near you.
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