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Interview With Sculptor Steve Ferrera Regarding Art Without Borders


Interview With Sculptor Steve Ferrera Regarding Art Without Borders

Steve Ferrera (Photo Credit: @SteveFerrera via Instagram)

Steve Ferrera (Photo Credit: @SteveFerrera via Instagram)

If you’re looking for it, vinyl art is everywhere these days.  From displays at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, to exhibits in Toronto being guest-curated by Pharrell.  This coming weekend the vinyl “toy” meets art exhibit experience will serve not only as a way to see the work of many different artist who create in this medium, but also to give back to Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).
Art Whino, a gallery in D.C. which specializes in the “new arts” from the top talents from all over the globe, will be displaying vinyl pieces from many different sculptors this coming Saturday, March 22, at an event aptly titled Art Without Borders, which will also feature live music.
Steve Ferrera, a very talented and versatile artist was gracious enough to secure an interview with me and through a series of emails filled me in on all you’ll need to know about the man, his work, and his involvement with this exceptional event.
In his own words.  Steve Ferrera is “an artist working out of Berkeley California… involved in various art related fields for the past twenty years- as a professional sculptor, designing puppets and sets for film, running a glass studio, [and] working at an animation and visual effects studio.”  While he seems an apparent Jack of All Trades, the artist, who is also a self described “Instagram nerd”, says it’s sculpting that keeps him sane.

Q: Will you be trying to say something specific with the work you’re doing for this exhibit versus anything that you’re currently working on?  

A: It was recommended that the piece tie into Doctors Without Borders, so I tried to create a piece that alluded to what they do. A silver liquid is coming out of the creature’s mouth, which represents a new world. Little flowers are growing out of it, which represents life. I think in a sense Doctors Without Borders also create life. A lot of times what I’m currently working on will filter into a project like this by default. It’s just a different set of parameters to express whatever ideas I’m working with.

Photo Credit: http://www.artwhino.com

Photo Credit: http://www.artwhino.com

Q: You’ve probably been asked before about what inspires you; Is there something different than usual that serves as a muse when you’re creating for a specific event such as Art Without Borders? 

A: I’m always playing with this theme “Creators and Destroyers of Worlds” that’s inspired by mythologies and folklore. I took some of those ideas and worked it into this piece. It was just a matter of how the Munny and Doctors Without Borders spun it.

Q: On a personal level how important is it for you to participate in something like this as an artist and as someone who believes in the cause that it benefits?  

A: It’s nice to be able to use my skill set to contribute to a worthy cause. I have a lot of respect for Doctors Without Borders. These people go into places in this world that most people would not go. Creating an art piece for their benefit is the least I can do.

Q: It says on the Art Whino website that the exhibit will be showing  vinyl work exclusively, if it were up to you do you feel that using different mediums such as film, or illustrations would be suited to an exhibit like this one, and why? 

A: It’s good to have a specific theme. I think it’s easier to publicize and attract a crowd. There’s almost a cult following in the vinyl toy genre. And there’s definitely a market there.  Doctors Without Borders gets a percentage of the sales so it would be nice to sell everything and get some money in their pocket. I think Art Whino’s game plan makes perfect sense. And it fits their style.


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