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Fabulous Ways To Get Ready On Your Wedding Day


Fabulous Ways To Get Ready On Your Wedding Day


Brides are full of emotions on the morning of their wedding. As a bridesmaid, you want to help ease these roller coasters of emotions by keeping the bride calm, cool and collected at all times—especially the day of the wedding. We have put together a list of fabulous ways for the bride and her girls to get ready, kicking off the celebration of her and her hubby-to-be’s special day!

Mimosa Bar

There’s nothing like having a glass of champagne to celebrate a wedding! Add some orange juice and you’ve got the perfect drink to start this day. Personalized mimosa kits will definitely get each of these ladies ready for the day’s festivities.

Jam Out To Your Own Playlist

Your favorite artists can be a part of your wedding day by listening to their music. Create a playlist just for this occasion that you and your bridesmaids will love singing and dancing to—just be sure you save your best dance moves for the reception!

Letters To The Bride Booklet 

Maid of Honor, this one is for you: put together this booklet and have the bride’s mother, mother-in-law, bridesmaids and friends write a letter giving their best wishes. Have the groom write one to his bride making it the last page. This is such a thoughtful gift that she can read while getting ready and look back on in the future.

Have A Photo Shoot 

Our recent post, Must-Take Wedding Photo List discussed the photos your photographer must take on your wedding day. Partner with this camera guru while getting ready and have your photographer capture some fun and candid snapshots of you and your bridesmaids. That way, you will have images to hold onto to remember this special memory.

No matter how you chose to get ready on the day of the wedding, make sure the bride is stress-free, in good spirits and of course, enjoying the company of her bridesmaids—there is no doubt that you can go wrong with that one!

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