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Charitable And Stylish Men We Love: Ian Somerhalder


Charitable And Stylish Men We Love: Ian Somerhalder


Brain cramp. That’s basically all that most women can do when they see the light blue eyes, raven hair and crooked smile of our favorite TV vampire, Ian Somerhalder. Extra brain cramp just for good measure. This “The Vampire Diaries” star is more than just a ridiculously handsome face, though, he is also a devoted environmental conservationist among his other charitable endeavors. He has even been known to suggest a shower with him just to save water!

Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit--www.fanpop.com)

Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit: fanpop.com)

Somerhalder has taken his passion for going green to a very personal level. He began his own charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a huge effort by Somerhalder and many other stars. The goal is not only to raise environmental awareness by urging people to go green, but also to save habitats from deforestation, save and conserve water through education and moving pollutants correctly and safely, keeping animals alive by supporting ‘no kill’ shelters and endorsing green technology and energy sources, just to name a few. The star has even taken his cause so personally that he has changed his entire lifestyle to fit the needs of his foundation and his own attempts to make the Earth a cleaner place. “Without biodiversity everything falls apart, and we’re destroying it,” said Somerhalder in an interview by Zap2It. “By preserving it and helping to recreate it, and helping stop deforestation and start reforestation, this is what I mean by habitat.”
Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit--www.theoriginalscw.com)

Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit: theoriginalscw.com)

While his determination to literally save to Earth is now famous, Somerhalder also has other charitable endeavors on his mind, including one that aims to make the human race a healthier one as well. The star supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the leading charity for AIDS research and HIV/AIDS prevention. Since it’s inception in the United States in 1992 and the United Kingdom in 1993, the charity has collectively raised over $225 million to go towards the prevention of HIV, health education throughout 55 countries and health care to those afflicted with AIDS. Those stunning blue eyes also sparkle for the Alzheimer’s Association, an organization dedicated to furthering the research to solve Alzheimer’s disease, which can strike at any time and is varies by each patient. The organization also provides care to those suffering from it and also promotes the importance of brain health.
In light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to give equal marriage rights to same sex couples, the next charity on Somerhalder’s list, The Trevor Project, a national organization to prevent suicide by gay and questioning youths who feel they have no other way out, may be even more important now than ever. The non-profit also offers a support hotline for gay and questioning youths and strives promote acceptance of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community.
Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit--www.kootation.com)

Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit: kootation.com)

Is your brain riddled with cramps yet? Maybe a little drooling going on? I can’t blame you. This week’s charitable and stylish man is truly dedicated to saving everything on the earth, from the environment and all the way to malfunctioning neurons in our brains. Come back next week to find out who else is being charitable, stylish and undeniably handsome.
Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit--www.nsmbl.com)

Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credit: nsmbl.com)


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