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Johnson & Johnson's Donate A Photo App

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Johnson & Johnson's Donate A Photo App


Photo Credit: Donate a Photo

Calling all instagrammers, photographers, and everyone in between who occasionally takes photos. Runners have been doing their charity work with Charity Miles, now you can do philanthropy with photography.  How often do you snap photos of your coffee, pets, or children?  Did you know that just with a few clicks of a button you could donate a $1 to several charitable organizations? Johnson & Johnson created the Donate a Photo application which is available in the Apple app store or Google Play.  Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 each day that you share a photo or photos, and dedicate it to a cause.

Photo Credit: Donate a Photo

The donations go to a wide variety of trusted charities.  These include the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action, the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association, mothers2mothers, Save the Children, Safe Kids Worldwide, and Keep America Beautiful.  The photos go into an online gallery for Donate a Photo, but will not be used in conjunction with product advertisements.  The app is to help raise money for those charities but it also helps create awareness.  When you share you photo and choose your charity, you can let your friends and followers know about an organization they may have never heard of.  It is advocacy through photography.
There have been over 10,000 photos donated so far.  You can track the number of photos which have been donated to each organization.  Why do you have to choose just one?  You can alternate your choices and help several worthwhile causes.  You can help send someone to nursing school,protect the environment, and provide healthcare knowledge to a pregnant mother that could save the life of her baby.  Donating a photo is as quick as snapping a photo, choosing a charity, and sharing it with the world.  You can download the app to your smartphone, and start using photography for philanthropy today.


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