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Beauty Inside And Out: Beyonce Knowles-Carter


Beauty Inside And Out: Beyonce Knowles-Carter


Every once in a while, we all have a day where we have sworn off relationships forever (again), we want nothing to do with a mirror and we can feel every new blemish on our face like they were bugs. However, just as we have settled into our sweatpants, remote control in hand, the unmistakable voice and beautiful face of Beyonce Knowles-Carter appears on the television screen. As the face of L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation, the steamy songstress inspires women of all ethnicity’s to go out and find the perfect match for their own unique brand of beauty, regardless about their stance on sweatpants that day.

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, two volunteers (Photo Credit--www.dailyfill.com)

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, two volunteers (Photo Credit–www.dailyfill.com)

When she isn’t promoting the beauty brand however, Mrs. Knowles-Carter is out to prove that beauty is not foundation deep. After Hurricane Katrina, the singer started her own foundation to help those in need after the hurricane. The Survivor Foundation was able to give 300 displaced families food and Mrs. Knowles-Carter herself hosted several food drives before her 2006 concert series. Her efforts with the Survivor Foundation are still on going today.
In her more recent endeavours in the charity world, she is still focused on making sure that everyone has enough to eat. Mrs. Knowles-Carter supports the Feeding America Foundation as well, an organization dedicated to distributing groceries nationwide as well as raising awareness of domestic hunger issues. She also participates with Food Bank for New York City, which coordinates directly with food manufacturers and warehouses that help distribute larger amounts of food to those in need and The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization which provides underprivileged children with school lunches. It is clear that the L’Oreal spokeswoman has her heart in the right place when it comes to feeding the hungry and she took it a step further when she joined Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization determined to rid the world of poverty and the from the crippling effects that enfranchisement can have on lower income communities.
Beyonce Knowles-Carter (Photo Credit--www.whowentwhere.net)

Beyonce Knowles-Carter (Photo Credit–www.whowentwhere.net)

So, the next time you are in the make-up isle in your sweatpants, feeling distinctly low, just pop in some ear-buds and dance along as Mrs. Knowles-Carter sings “Single Ladies” and feel good knowing that while you find your own True Match, the foundation is supported by a woman who has gone above and beyond to show that her beauty is not just cover-up deep. Come back next week for more starlets who are showing their beauty inside and out.


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