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Miss A’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Sister, Mother, Friend Or Yourself


Miss A’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Sister, Mother, Friend Or Yourself


As soon as Christmas is over, it seems that you can’t go grocery shopping, or watch TV without seeing a heart-shaped box of chocolate or hearing “every kiss begins with Kay”. This holiday reminds many of us that we are single. If you are single, please keep in mind that despite all the commercials, you are not alone in being alone.

According to CNN and the U.S. Census Bureau, 96 million people in the United States have no spouse which means 43 percent of all Americans over the age of 18 are single. Men’s Health recently wrote “Where the Babes Are” and Washington, DC got an A+. Many of us single ladies in DC and beyond look forward to moving past this chilly holiday and on to Spring’s warm weather.

It’s difficult to see co-workers receiving roses, or going out to eat and seeing so many couples dining out together on Valentine’s Day. Even aside from Society’s expectations and pressures, we form a picture of what our ideal life should look like at various stages. We set time tables for reaching certain milestones in life. The truth is that you can’t plan your life. When we are young, we’re naive and think that this is possible. You do have to know what you want and set goals, but there is an aspect of timing, luck and chemistry that we really have no control over.  There isn’t just one set path that we should all follow. We are all unique, and must make our own way.

Another truth is that being in a long term relationship doesn’t always equal happiness. I remember talking to a woman who had been married for decades. I wanted to gain wisdom from her on how she created a seemingly perfect marriage. The wisdom I gained was actually that just because it was a successful marriage in terms of length didn’t mean it was a successful marriage in terms of happiness. Things aren’t usually as they appear. We’re so accustom to measuring success in terms of numbers, but it’s extremely difficult to quantify happiness. You have to make yourself happy by knowing who you are, what you want, achieving your own goals and dreams, and improving life for others.

Material things don’t make you happy, but taking the time to think about someone and bestowing a gift can lift a person’s spirits. You also must treat yourself well and kindly. To brighten this Valentine’s Day, consider treating your mother, sister, friend or yourself to one of these cute gifts.


– Miss A

SKIN IS IN by Dr. Tina Alster's FaceTime for Women with Matching Lilac Clarisonic Mia - $250 (www.skinlaser.com/skinisin)

Kendra Scott Danielle Pink Agate Earrings from SimplySoles - $60 (www.simplysoles.com)

Honeydew Intimates Pink Low Rise Hipster Gift Set - $45 (www.nordstrom.com)

Lilly Pulitzer Estelle Cashmere Sweater - $178 (www.lillypulitzer.com)

Kate Spade Pink & Red Personal Agenda - $195 (www.crane.com)

J Crew Jackie Pullover in Vibrant Flame - $65 (www.jcrew.com)

Dana Davis Allie - $450 (www.danadavisshoes.com)

Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Carat - $25 (www.neimanmarcus.com)

Kate Spade Kati Embelished Cotton Cardigan - $298 (www.katespade.com)

Milly Jacqueline Python E/W Flap Purse - $450 (www.millyny.com)

NARS Wicked Attraction Set from Sephora - $49

Yorokobi Super Orgasm Set from Sephora - $39


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