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Fairfax Dentists Giving Services And Giving Back

Washington DC

Fairfax Dentists Giving Services And Giving Back


Photo Credit: Smiles at Fairfax Corner

Fairfax Dentists Dr. Tara L. Zier and Dr. Riaz Rayek, of Smiles at Fairfax Corner are offering a significant discount on their dental services to help people in need of dental care and their community food pantry.

The doctors realize that many have lost their jobs and with that dental care.  In an effort this season to give back they are offering dental services at a discounted rate of $39.  For $39, patients will receive oral examinations, x-rays, dental cleanings and the proceeds will be going to Food for Others.  Food for Others is the largest distributor of free food directly to people in need in Northern Virginia.

Dr. Zier and Dr. Rayeck were inspired by a report in the New York Times siting how many people are going hungry and have lost dental coverage.  Which without preventive dental care, tooth decay and gum disease can occur, which can contribute to problems associated with dieabetes, liver and heart problems.  “We want to do our part to ensure that Americans stay healthy and to help those who are going hungry by sponsoring this food drive for the residents of our community,” explains Dr. Rayek.

A donation truck (Photo Credit: usatoday.com)

The community discount will remain in effect until December 20, 2011, so call and make uour appointment today or share with those in your community.  For $39 you are helping your dental care and helping feed two families this season.
WHEN: Now through Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Smiles at Fairfax Corner
4210 Fairfax Corner West #220
Fairfax, VA 22030
Ph. 703-222-3245


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