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Nancy Lublin's DoSomething.org: Social Activism Through Mobile Technology

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Nancy Lublin's DoSomething.org: Social Activism Through Mobile Technology


Nancy Lublin the creator of DoSomething.org decided one December evening in Manhattan on a marvelous idea to mobilize technology while motivating young adults to participate in social activism. Undeniably teenagers love to communicate through text messages with their friends. Teens have you ever thought about sending a mass text to improve things in your community? With the help of DoSomething.org teenagers can now use mobile technology to substantially increasing its reach and impact.
DoSomething.org currently has over 1.2 million teenage members around the nation engaging in community services to make a difference. Becoming a member is easily accessible at your fingertips. Simply complete a project listed on DoSomething.org or gather a group of friends and create a project together. Once the project has been completed upload your photos or other forms of proofs to show your efforts and hard work onto the organizations website. Remember good deeds do not go unnoticed. By visiting DoSomething.org teenagers can sign up for grants, scholarships or take part in a summer scavenger hunt. Technologies vast growth allows members to take advantage of fun rewards, virtual or tangible and also a great support system for funding a project. Registration for the scavenger hunt ends July 11th, 2011. To be a winner of several prizes including Lenovo IdeaPad laptops, college scholarships and a the grand prize – a trip to the VH1 DoSomething Awards in Los Angeles hosted by Glee’s Jane Lynch you will need to complete all 11 tasks which will be announced daily through DoSomething.org’s website.
This nonprofit organization doesn’t solicit their members for money or sell their information. Parents/Teens, DoSomething.org is a wonderful opportunity to complete any community service project required by your school or add onto your college admission forms. Also, a parent here is a chance to provide your teenager with the motivation and guidance they may need to move forward in playing their part in an influential role this summer.
For more information please visit: DoSomething.org


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