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Looking for Costume Jewelry in Washington, DC Area


Looking for Costume Jewelry in Washington, DC Area


Dear Miss A,

I am headed to the Redskins pre-season game this Friday, and need some ideas of where to get some garnet and gold accessories to jazz up my work outfit. I will be sitting in my husband’s company’s box, so no jerseys or blatant Redskins logo’s for me. I was thinking a statement necklace or hair accessory or some sorts. Any suggestion of boutiques to visit in the District or NOVA that may carry items like this?

Thanks a bunch,

Redskin Fan

Dear Redskin Fan,

Queen Bee Designs

I like where you are going with your outfit and I agree with you about not wanting to wear what I like to call “legible clothing”. It can be cute on an early 20-something, but women of a certain age should not wear these things. I would skip the hair accessory and go with the statement jewelry. I have a couple of recommendations for you. Try my dear friend, Allison Brooks’ Queen Bee Designs. Unfortunately, Allison’s website doesn’t really allow you to browse her collection and really shop online. I hear that she is in the process of updating it, so hopefully soon my readers from across the country will be able to see all her cute accessories. You can reach Allison via Facebook, or by email at queenbeedesign@yahoo.com, and I’m sure she can send photos of what she has that is garnet in color and can set up a time for you to come by her showroom in Alexandria.Other great places to look for statement jewelry is Ann Hand. They have a great website, but it mainly shows their classic political pieces, and not all the fabulous, younger and fashionable pieces that Ann’s granddaughter, Ashley Taylor has brought into the store. I highly recommend you stop by their store. Same story with Keith Lipert Gallery in Georgetown — great store, not a great website. You have to really go there in person to see all that he has available, but it’s definitely worth the trip!

Another idea, go to Polyvore.com and type in “statement necklace” and then click on the color you are searching for. This will bring up some options for you. The new and improved Ann Taylor has great statement necklaces and other jewelry, but I didn’t

Ann Taylor Jewelry

see anything in the color scheme you are going for. You may want to wear something garnet, and then wear gold tone jewelry if you don’t find any garnet bead jewelry that you like in time for the game. I hope this helps! Let me know what you decide to wear!

– Miss A


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