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Packing for Europe


Packing for Europe


Dear Miss A,

My soon-to-be husband and I will be going on our 2 week honeymoon in September, visiting Spain, France, Germany and Italy. This will be a month before my 30th birthday and the last trip we take before trying to start a family — so I really want to look great in the photos! I am a girly girl, and I fear the cobblestones may force me to wear flats – ahh! What do you suggest I pack in my LV luggage?


Befuddled Bride

Dear Befuddled Bride,

Thank you so much for writing in with your question. I spent my summers in Europe at my grandparent’s home in The Netherlands, and have done a ton of traveling around Europe. I also spent two weeks in Greece for my honeymoon, so I may be biased, but a honeymoon in Europe is the way to go! The combination of the rich history, interesting museums and archeological sites, delicious food, different cultures, and beautiful landscape make for a destination like no other on earth! My mother is one who enjoys traveling all over the world – India, Dubai, China, Australia, South America, but honestly, I have no desire to go anywhere but Europe. There is always more to see!

Between cobblestones, beaches, and rugged mountainside, you will need more than just stilettos, Honey. You will be doing a lot of walking — much more than what most people do in the United States. Just like how baring a lot of skin isn’t the only way to be sexy, stilettos don’t have the lock on glamour.

I know you’re a “girly girl,” and I am, too. As much as I love it, this is not the time for Lilly Pulitzer and lots of pink. When packing for a long trip, I suggest you go with one main color — either black, gray, camel or dark blue– then pick an accent color like fuchsia, yellow, turquoise or red, and bring pieces to go with that color palette, including your accessories.  I, like many women, love black, so that’s what I normally go with. I would pack all black shoes, with maybe one pair of metallic, but that’s me. Surprisingly, I have very classic, simple taste in shoes. You need pieces which will multi-task. This is not the time for bringing multiple shoes, and accessories for each outfit. Not only is this a great way to pack, but it’s actually a great way to shop and build a sophisticated wardrobe, too.

Channel Audrey Hepburn, and pack some black capris, black ballet flats and different tops. Pack a black pencil skirt, and some long black pants to give yourself lots of options. You don’t necessarily need the little black dress, if you’ve packed a great black pencil skirt and dressy black top. During the day, you can wear the skirt  paired with other things like a Lacoste polo, or cashmere twinset.

When all else fails, go barefoot! Even Jackie did it!

Think Jackie O in Greece, and pack some white denim pants, which are always a classic! Jackie often wore Jack Rogers sandals,and made them popular, so don’t hesitate to bring more casual footwear. I would pack some gladiator sandals which are really fashionable right now.

Channel Madonna in London, and pick up some driving shoe by Tod’s or a great Puma sneaker, something really comfortable but with more style than a running shoe. You may also want to pack some cute cargo pants, and skinny jeans. You want to pack things that will travel well, and which you won’t mind wearing in public transportation. In the evenings you can wear your pencil skirt or pants with some dressier tops, or a simple sheath that you can wear during the day with the cardigan from your twinset.

I hope that this helps, and gives you some ideas on what to pack. I really think keeping your color scheme simple will give you the most flexibility in mixing and matching over the course of your trip! Don’t forget to pack a great trench, lint roller for all that black, and an umbrella! I’d also pack a black Patagonia, LL Bean or North Face fleece in case it gets cold in the evenings, but September in Europe is usually great weather!

Have a great time and let me know how it goes!

Puma Speed Cat SD

– Miss A


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