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Miss A’s Fave: Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock FACE SPF90+


Miss A’s Fave: Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock FACE SPF90+


Women my age and younger frequently ask me what I’ve done to keep my skin looking so young. For those who don’t know, I’ll be 39 this August. I think the main thing that has helped my skin is that I have been wearing sunblock on daily basis since my mid-twenties. I wear Neutrogena® Age Shield Face Sunblock 90+ with Helioplex® every day. I don’t just use it on sunny days. I literally use it everyday as my moisturizer. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining, I wear it consistently. It’s not just the sun we get on vacation or while at the pool that damages our skin. It’s the cumulative effect of getting sun every day that ages the skin. This product is great as it’s oil-free and works well under foundation. Not only does it block out the UVB burning rays, but it prevents UVA skin aging rays from penetrating through surface layers for exceptional deep cellular protection.

I’ve definitely had my share of microdermabrasion, and use VIVITÉ® with 20% glycolic compound and exfoliating scrubs at home. As we age, our skin doesn’t turnover cells as quickly as it used to and needs help. These treatments are great for removing the damaged outer layer of skin to reveal smoother, more radiant, younger looking skin. But using sunscreen is every day is key. It prevents damage from happening in the first place, and will protect this  fresh new layer of skin. I’m all about value. There is no need to spend money on expensive moisturizers, this product is amazing.

– Miss A


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