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Miss A’s Fave: Ann Taylor Modern Sheer Control Top Tights


Miss A’s Fave: Ann Taylor Modern Sheer Control Top Tights


I shared this on my Facebook page and Twitter a few weeks ago, but wanted to share with the rest of my readers. Ann Taylor Modern Sheer Control Top Tights don’t run! In 2007, I stocked up on these both black and natural, and didn’t run out of my stash until a few weeks ago when I wrote about these amazing panty hose. The way I know this is that there was still a date on the last pack of panty hose from my 2007 shopping spree.

They wear more like tights than panty hose. You can wash them by hand and wear them over and over again. I also love these because they are control top, so no need for Spanx! They are a bit pricey – $20, but totally worth the money as you’ll get a ton of wears out of them. I’m all about value.

Ann Taylor has new management and a great new fashion designer, Lisa Axelson on board. Lisa was with Club Monaco before moving to Ann Taylor, and she’s doing an amazing job of updating Ann Taylor. I just pray they don’t change anything about their hosiery, as they truly are made for working women who want value from their hosiery. We can’t be walking into a meeting, or meeting a date with runs in our hose, Ladies!

Try them out, and let me know what you think! I just wish Ann Taylor would make them in more colors, as there isn’t just one “natural” skin tone!

– Miss A


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