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First Lady of France Carla Bruni’s Face-off With Aging


First Lady of France Carla Bruni’s Face-off With Aging


Carla Bruni

The First Lady of France is the latest on the list of models and actresses like Nicole Kidman who are giving Botox a bad name. Carla Bruni was a stunning supermodel. What happened?  She was photographed last week looking very strange — no longer her glowing, beautiful self. Did she have work done? It’s incredible to see the transformation in her in only a few short years (see photo from 2008 at right). Is the stress of being First Lady taking its toll, or is it possibly the toll of knowing her husband, President Sarkozy is cozying up to a younger woman ?

I think she has been treated with way too much BOTOX ®, and is getting the “frozen face” look. The reason this happens is because she waited too long to get her BOTOX ®. Her lines became very deep and they required a large dose. If she had started getting BOTOX ® earlier when the lines began to appear, she could have used a smaller amount. It also seems like something went awry with a chemical peel. Her skin texture looks horrid. You can see every pore she has, and the skin looks very dry. It also looks like she got too much filler.

Sophia Loren

I can attest to the fact that aging is a bitch. Although I still haven’t hit the big 4-0, I can tell you that it’s a difficult experience, but the alternative is death, so we’re blessed and we deal with it. I think aging is particularly tough for women. Men typically gain power, wealth and status through the decades, and can date women decades younger. A woman’s power is often based on her beauty, which typically peaks early. Aging is especially difficult for beautiful women – women who are used to having that power, using their feminine guile to get what they want, and accustomed to men falling over themselves to gain the woman’s attention. It’s hard to lose all that. Unattractive women have never had it, and therefore wouldn’t miss it. Marilyn Monroe was fortunate in that she will always be remembered as a young, beautiful and vibrant woman, whereas poor Elizabeth Taylor withered before the critical eye of the public. Few women age as gracefully as Sophia Loren. I think many of us look to her as a role model. I know I do.

How do you age gracefully? Well, for starters, you dress for your age. Nothing makes you look older than dressing as a 20-something in your forty’s. A woman should not feel the need to compete with her daughter, or wear her clothes. Skirts and dresses need to be longer than you would have worn in your twenties and early thirties, as we need to show less skin. We can do trends, but not too many at once. What you can get away with in your twenties isn’t the case in your late thirties, forties and fifties.

You should maintain yourself so that your face looks great for your age — not decades younger. I can’t stress enough that women need to

Recent photo of Sophia Loren

wear SPF 15 every day – rain, shine, or snow starting as early as possible. It’s not just the sun you get at the beach or by the pool that ages you, it’s the day-to-day cumilative effect of the sun that gets you. Ladies, BOTOX ® and Juvederm are fabulous, but be sure you are going to someone whose work you have seen. Less is more. You want to make sure your injector’s idea of beauty matches yours. There is nothing more creepy than a young face on a wrinkled neck and body.

Another aspect that can age you is hair! Very long hair actually ages women in their forties and fifties. Shoulder length is great, but longer than that and you are only drawing attention to the fact that your face doesn’t match the youthful look of your hair. Also, having long hair draws the eye down, and shorter layers draws the eye upward. This actually gives your face a lift.
– Miss A


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