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Yuletide Madness: One of DC’s Premier Holiday Traditions

Washington DC

Yuletide Madness: One of DC’s Premier Holiday Traditions




I don’t normally post events that I had no part in planning. I get asked to post charity events all the time, and while they are all for a good cause, I don’t want my site to turn into something like Greg’s List DC which is a wonderful site for learning about what events are going on in Washington. I also don’t want to be like some bloggers and whore myself and my site out to whoever will pay me, give me complimentary tickets, or make me an emcee or event chair to post about their fundraiser. I only post about events I am personally involved in planning, or for organizations I have been actively supporting. I recently offered to post about Yuletide Madness for one of the hosts, my dear friend, Joe Reblando. He’s an amazing guy. He’s helped me over the years with Blondes vs. Brunettes, Junior League of Washington happy hours, The Courage Cup and has even allowed me to take him on hikes with inner city kids from Highland Addition housing project in Southeast DC with Inner City Outings. That is what touched my heart most. I used to invite guys I was dating to volunteer with the kids from the projects in Southeast. If the guys couldn’t hang with the kids, and weren’t good at interacting with them, or felt they were too good to help volunteer that told me all I needed to know.

I wanted to support him as he’s been involved with Yuletide Madness for years and years. I hope that you all will check out the event, and consider attending. And if you do, please give him credit by using code “JOER” when purchasing your ticket!

Ring in the season with one of DC’s biggest and holiday cheer-iest parties around! The famed Yuletide Madness is finally here! The black tie gig on Saturday, December 5th at the prestigious National Press Club sports an open bar, up-scale dinner buffet, dancing and live entertainment from Kristen and the Noise and DJ Smoky. Did we mention the open bar? After-partiers have been known to hit Shelly’s Back Room for some late night merrymaking. Pick up your tickets today before they sell out at www.yuletidemadness.com. (Please use code “JOER” when purchasing your ticket.) Tickets are only $110 but will increase as the event nears.

In the spirit of the season, please bring an unwrapped toy to benefit needy and orphaned children at St. Ann’s Infant & Maternity. A portion of ticket sales also go towards a large cash contribution to St. Ann’s on behalf of the hosts and all of our guests.

Become a part of the tradition and join us!

Brought to you by your Hosts:
Chris Grant
Fotis Thomopoulos
Marcos Bronfman
Tim Magee
Johno Steffen
Eric Kreiger
Chip Walker
Erik Greenstein
Felix Dowuona
Joe Reblando
Steve Montgomery
George Marinakos
Tim Morrison
Ingo Mayr
Rob Reed
Mike Lynch
Bill Atkins
Tipp McClure
Dave Paris
Tom Ryder
Carl Liebel
Tom Morris
Larry Langston
Brian Stromeyer
Frank Raines
Kadie Thompson
Mario Estrada
Dexter Nobrega
Carol Drumstas
Kevin Blackwell
Jen Baker
Jeff Gratz
Suda Somvang
Kevin Sambat
Seth Frankel
Scott Dalessio
Amy Rasmussen
Monika Sosna
Kat Nowakowski
Kevin Martin
Eric Campbell
Megan Molloy
Sarah Wirk
Chris Wisniewski


In 2008, I launched AskMissA.com which grew from my personal blog into a site with 700 writers, covering the intersection of charity & lifestyle in 20 U.S. cities. With Charity + Life, I am going back to a personal blog where I can share my favorite things, and continue to shine a light on nonprofits, and cause marketing campaigns to inspire others to give as they live.

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