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Missed Connection: NFL Edition


Missed Connection: NFL Edition


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Dear Miss A,

Let me just say I love your website! Thank you for all of the fab advice! Ok now for my question, I recently met this man and I was instantly intrigued. He was intelligent, articulate and so good looking. He approached me and I felt a intense connection (one that I have never felt before!) but there was no time to exchange numbers, his friends shuffled him away before we could even say goodbye. So here is the problem…

He is quarterback of a NFL team and is somewhat of a hot ticket. I normally stay away from men in the spotlight (had a bad experience with a hockey player and vowed to never date another athlete), but for some reason cannot stop thinking about him. We discussed law, finance and the economy in our short, but impactful, conversation. There was something very different about him. So here is my question, is there anything I can do to pursue this? Is it even worth it?

 Thanks Miss A,


Dear AJ,

I think we’ve all had a “missed connection” in our life. We hit it off with someone we met, but didn’t connect enough to get their name, or contact information. For whatever reason, the circumstances weren’t right for fully connecting. There are even websites like Craig’s List with pages and pages of missed connections

Your situation is different in that you would be able to find him, because he’s a famous NFL player. Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should. Think about how many women he meets who also probably feel like they had an amazing connection with him. Your reaching out to him in an email, or letter would just make you one of probably hundreds of women who have contacted him. The truth is that if he really felt a strong connection with you, he would have asked for your phone number. His friends may have been shuffling him away, but had he really wanted to get your number or invited you with him, he could have.

I would just try to look back on meeting him as a wonderful experience, cheer for his team, and have a little crush on him, but don’t get hung up on this guy and lose sight of guys who are real possibilities. Please stay in touch, and let me know how it goes!

– Miss A


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