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Liking A Boy


Liking A Boy




Dear Mrs.A,

I’m in 6th grade and still go to elementery school so, I went to camp this year. I met this guy there but, he was from a different school. I liked him when I first saw him! So, I was talking to my friends about it and one of the guys from my class overheard and told him. So, it was really awkward the rest of the trip. But luckaly he got my number from one of my cabinmates there. So he called me and talked to me about it, and he said he liked me too. a week maybe two after he called me I e-mailed him and asked him if he wanted to go out with me and he hasn’t called me since and he hasn’t e-mailed me either! do you think I did somthing wrong? no one has ever liked me back other than him so I’m kind of new at this. I’m really confused. HELP!!!!!!!
Middle School Blues

Dear Middle School Blues,

Thank you so much for writing in. I don’t typically give advice to teenagers or tweens, but I did get a similar question from a young lady in England which may be of help to you. You may want to talk with your mother about this situation. I know that crushes are a new thing for you, so there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First of all, be careful who you tell about your crush. As much as people want to be a good friend to you, most people can’t keep a secret to save their life.

Second, boys like a challenge. This is why they dare each other to eat hot peppers, see who can hold their breath the longest underwater, and play sports. They bring this love of challenge to romance, and like to pursue the girl and to try to “win her heart”.

If you tell a boy you like him, then he’s won the prize and hasn’t had any challenge.
When I was growing up it was just a fact that “boys call girls”, and not the other way around. So don’t email, call or text a boy. If he contacts you, you can respond, but not necessarily right away. Let him sweat it for a while wondering if you will reply.
It’s silly that friends can’t keep secrets and that you can’t just be honest and tell someone you like them, but unfortunately it’s the reality of life. Try to focus on your friends, school, hobbies, books, and things. Try not to worry about this boy. If he contacts you, great. If not, use this as a learning lesson. Remember, there will be many, many more boys out there who like you! You get to pick which one of these is worthy of you. Honestly, I would suggest you focus on your grades, and other positive activities so that you can attend the college of your dreams. Boys will still be there when you’re older.


Talk with your mother about this situation and see if she agrees with me. She may not, so listen to what she has to say. Also, be very careful online. There are a lot of sketchy people out there.

– Miss A

Andrea Rodgers is a Dating & Relationship Expert for HealthCentral’s SexualHealthConnection.com. Email your questions to missa@charityandlife.com or use our anonymous form.





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