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All Is Fair In Love And War


All Is Fair In Love And War


Mr. Big played by Chris Noth in Sex & The City

My loyal readers know that my fictional character crush is Mr. Big, in addition to Rhett Butler. HBO’s description of Mr. Big says, “Mr. Big. The name says it all. From the moment he came onto the scene, he was larger than life, dashingly handsome, and oh-so unattainable.” Unattainable? Scarlett’s love was unattainable for Rhett Butler. Perhaps there is a pattern here? Hmm…I will have to explore that. Anyhow, we love men! And we hate men! It’s so hard for men and women to communicate because men and women are so different. But at the same time, it’s wonderful that we are so different. It just makes it a lifelong challenge.

Well, I was reading some local blogs this evening, and stumbled upon one by Roosh V, which probably makes it harder for men and women to connect in any meaningful way, but makes it a lot easier for them to connect sexually. Roosh used to write a He says/She says style blog, but is now an author having written a book called what else — Bang!

His blog is written for the guys, and basically tells them how to get laid and move on to the next woman. Well, just like terrorists read our Army Field Manual, I suggest that women read websites like Roosh V’s to see what tactics men may be trying to use. I read his take on “The Fast Kiss” where he writes:

I’m extremely reluctant to get a number from a girl who I don’t at least come pretty close to kissing since I’d have to invest a minimum of two whole dates to get the bang. Honestly, what percentage of girls out there are actually bearable to hang out with for several hours of time that two dates entail? 2%? 4% tops? Don’t be bamboozled into spending time with a worthless chick, which is safe to say every chick you will talk to this year except one, two if you’re lucky.

This is why I go for the kiss even if I don’t think I will get it. So the girl senses I’m about to make a move because I’m getting closer to her face and then gently pulls back—big deal. But now she knows what I’m about and if she goes out with me (and she will if she sticks around), it’s as if she has signed a legal document accepting all the moves I may choose to do, including any attempt to weasel my way back into her place.

This guy has no moral compass, and no conscience to speak of. Women are “holes”. Sex with women is a notch, and if you happen to be international, you’re a “flag”. If you read his blog you will know what the lowest of the low are thinking, and then you’ll be prepared for the worst and hopefully not fall victim to any of their tricks. The main thing you’ll see is that most women are “worthless” not being worthy of taking out on real dates because they aren’t hot and they are too annoying. Who does this guy think he is? Does he think he’s hot? It’s unbelievable. Bottomline, if a guy doesn’t put forth the effort you deserve he’s most likely not interested in you –he’s after easy sex. Dating isn’t easy, so prepare yourselves! Remember, all is fair in love and war!

– Miss A


In 2008, I launched AskMissA.com which grew from my personal blog into a site with 700 writers, covering the intersection of charity & lifestyle in 20 U.S. cities. With Charity + Life, I am going back to a personal blog where I can share my favorite things, and continue to shine a light on nonprofits, and cause marketing campaigns to inspire others to give as they live.

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