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He’s Back! And They Always Come Back!


He’s Back! And They Always Come Back!



Dear Miss A, 

What is your advice on going on a date with a man I had a crush on three years ago but have not seen since. He is not the settling down type and he travels all the time. We did have a great time and I loved talking to him. I have not been in a relationship for six month and I am feeling lonely. He approached me out of the blue, and wants to see me. I really want to see him. Am I setting myself up for disappointment if I do go out with him?




Dear Unsure,
Yes! There doesn’t seem to be any point to seeing this guy again, unless you’re looking for a brief fling. Many women say that they can handle hooking up, but emotionally we aren’t built like a man and aren’t happy with this type of casual sexual relationship. As much as we want to use our mind over our heart and logically think we should be ok with it, deep down we can’t handle it.

I think in your heart you know that this man’s lifestyle and mindset do not allow for a serious committed relationship. He probably just called because he’ll be in the area, and would like a female companion. What man wouldn’t want that? Don’t be that convenient woman who doesn’t expect anything, because all you’ll get is a bunch of nothing when it’s convenient for him. As much fun as it would be to see him, it won’t be fun when he leaves town and you don’t hear from him. I’m sure he’s very charming, but it’s not all about charm, Honey.

Don’t waste your time, and don’t get your hopes up. Best of luck!


– Miss A



Andrea Rodgers is a Dating & Relationship Expert for HealthCentral’s Sexual Health Connection. Email questions to missa@charityandlife.com.


In 2008, I launched AskMissA.com which grew from my personal blog into a site with 700 writers, covering the intersection of charity & lifestyle in 20 U.S. cities. With Charity + Life, I am going back to a personal blog where I can share my favorite things, and continue to shine a light on nonprofits, and cause marketing campaigns to inspire others to give as they live.

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