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Fashion Highlight: Jeanne Jarvaise


Fashion Highlight: Jeanne Jarvaise


My friends know that one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing women in business suits walking to and from work in flip flops, running shoes, or UGG’s. I understand that they may be more comfortable, but be strong, be beautiful, and wear some shoes that go with your outfit, Honey! Long ago, I accepted the fact that one must suffer to be beautiful, and I have come to believe in putting fashion before comfort. We must diet, and give up foods that we would love to eat. We must “just do it”, and push ourselves in our workouts. We must walk tall in elegant shoes, even if they are cutting our feet. We must be stoic.


Well, we no longer have to choose between fashion and comfort, Ladies! Washington, DC resident, Jeanne Jarvaise has created the Comfort Couture Line which successfully combines elegant design with highly-engineered comfort. In 2002, Jeanne Jarvaise told her husband and partner in their award-winning architecture and design firm that she was thinking about dedicating her time and energy to designing shoes, his reaction wasn’t one of surprise but rather, “It’s about time.” As Francisco Beltran said in a recent interview, “I truly can’t imagine her doing anything else. In all the years I’ve known her, she’s never put on a pair of shoes without immediately trying to change something about them. This is what Jeanne was born to do.” Together the two formed Jeanne Jarvaise, Inc. and began a five-year odyssey to make Jeanne’s dream a reality. The shoes must be sexy! That was Jeanne’s first mandate. But she also knew that from the very beginning her shoes would be revolutionary. For the first time, couture footwear would be designed not only with an eye to fashion but with one to comfort as well. They would be shoes that women would love to wear.


In order to get us to invest in a proper mattress, mattress companies remind us that we spend one-third of our life sleeping. Well, what about the other two-thirds of our life? That’s right, we’re wearing shoes! Incredibly, the footbed of Comfort Couture line are actually made of Tempurpedic material. It’s like little shoe mattresses for your feet. And when you consider that the majority of our bones are in our feet, I think we could all probably take better care of them. 



The Comfort Couture Line incorporates six key features:



1. Good Fit – A wider toe box and narrower heel area to accommodate a woman’s foot anatomy. In addition, European sizing offers smaller incremental changes between sizes and a better opportunity for a proper fit.


2. Proper Range of Motion – Flexibility in the forefoot for non-platform styles and adequate toe spring for platform styles to facilitate natural foot movement.


3. Maximum Breathability – Natural materials on uppers to avoid heat buildup and moisture retention in the shoe.


4. Pressure Relief – Properly designed heel pitch to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot and prevent lower back pain.


5. Excellent Cushioning – Sufficient cushioning and anti-shock properties to decrease joint ache and pain on the foot pad.


6. Stability – A two centimeter heel width at ground contact measured from side to side to steady balance.


If you’d like to try on a pair of Jeanne Jarvaise shoes to see for yourself, they are available at Zelaya shoes, which was listed as “Best Boutique” in the November issue of Lucky magazine


Now, if only Jeanne Jarvaise could make getting a bikini wax painless!


– Miss A



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